Fighters‘ Interview: Female Fighters International #1

Since I got to know many fighters (many of them female!) „out there“ in America, Thailand, Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc
I wondered what each of them motivated to do this kind of tough sports: Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing…. fighting with others…

Many people say it’s not „lady like“… to fight… to train beyond your own limits… to build up muscles…

But is it unfeminine to fight?

Is it really mannishly to be able to defend yourself?

As far as I can see there is no exaggerated masculinity in what we do!

There are many female fighters, looking absolutely awesome and more well-conditioned as the nowadays models!

What are they fighting for?

And why?

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Since I asked myself the same question I wondered what others think about this.

And: What other female fighters do to train their tough bodies to be as strong as they can be – besides to be as feminine as they should be…

I just started a survey with interview questions like:
How would you train more „aggression“ for a fight?


How much muscles are (still) feminine?

I am really looking forward to see the results!

If you like to support me with this idea and/or you know one or more female fighters that could answer the questions, please share and forward the questions-link:


Stay updated how this interview will end up! 😛

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Thanks alot! 😉



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