Female Fighter Interview

This form is built for the "female fighters interview" I want to publish in one of my articles in the next weeks.
Please fill in the boxes and let me know if you have got more ideas and important info.
If you don't like this form, please send me your interview info & answers via email: indy@venture-out-there.de
Thanks for support!



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Where do you come from
Martial Art:
Your Weight Class:
Fighting/ Training since:
How often do you fight/ train:
Best fight ever:
What do you love most in your sports?
What would you like the people to learn (from doing kickboxing/ boxing/ muay thai):
Your favorite quote/ motto:

Your Text - please answer the following questions:

"Keeping grounded" - what would your training look like, when you want to train stance, balance,...?

What do you think: Which training is best for condition & endurance ?

How would you train more "aggression" for a fight?

What is your favorite exercise for looseness & agility?

"Female Force" - About "Strength"
- How much muscles are (still) feminine?
- Do you like women (/ their look) with marked muscles?
- Your best/ favorite strength exercises:
- Power vs: Speed: What's better with fighting?

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