When I do my training routines and training plans I very often get inspired by workouts of famous athletes…inter alia Manny Pacquiao. His AB workouts are tough and lengthy… the absolute killer program in torturing one’s core musculature.

One of my favourite videos of this AB routines is the following one:

It lasts almost 10min. and even the try to keep up all the different exercises nearly kills me.

But: I like the regularly challenge keeping up with athlete’s routines.

There only is this one question coming back every time I do one of this routines: „How many reps should I do?“ and „How many sit ups are needed?“

In my club we most of the time do sit ups, push ups, etc for the duration of 2-3 minutes… others do it ca. 100-200 times – no matter how long it takes them.

If I do sit ups, push ups or other stuff at home I do it mercilessly up to the last rep possible… [Beast Mode 😛 ]

„Pacman“ does his sit ups (different types!) for the great period of 1000 repetitions. And everybody can see the results!

But is this kind of focussed training healthy?

Which amount of reps is healthy or better say effective or „profit-promising“?

Do you have personal experience in negative impacts on your body because of too many sit ups?

To get it straight: I do not want to win the „Next Top Model“ competition… I even don’t want to impress others with my damn great woman sixpack. All I want to achieve is a fit and strong body, appealing to myself…

For that goal I am more than willing to do all things needed…and for sure: all my best!

But I wonder if some workouts and some exercises can cause an opposing effect…

You can’t do as much sit ups as you can to loose belly fat… you can’t just work on your arms to get the strongest biceps on earth… even in Muay Thai you can’t just train kicks or elbows to be a good fighter…

„If I do 100 sit ups each day… for two weeks… how much fat will I loose?“ Questions like that unsettle me ‚cause I think people should know that they can’t work on a single part of their bodies.

Well… it seems they don’t know.

Depending on how fit I am I can do 100, 200, 500 or even 1000 repetitions… and once I reached the „1000“ I am sure I would kind of „reduce“ musculature if I reduced reps in sit ups….

But how many of them are „healthy“… how many can I do until my body strikes and I destroy myself?

Will I find out any time? 😛


Comments and quotes welcome! 😉

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