How are you ever going to win a game if you don’t know exactly what your goals are?

Since I provide this blog with its articles about fighting, training, travelling…mental topics and … lots of bullsh** 😛 again and again I encounter the necessity of making plans and focusing on concrete goals. If you do something „just like that“ you will never improve yourself… you will never know if there is any progress in what you are doing. You will never get further to any next step. Do you really want to vegetate… woolgathering of what you could do or not?

Daily routines – no matter if in training, business or even housekeeping ( 😛 ) – are absolutely necessary to stay on top of things.

Things, actions, adventures I did before… starting with sitting down and pondering… even written down… those things mostly where crowned by success. Surely not all of them… but most.

Since I realized the power I got clearly defining what my goals are and what it is I want in my life I am more balanced, more motivated and … more focused. You should try it – it feels great! 😛


First of ALL you should check if this crazy idea – just popping out of your head – is worth pursuing. Is it just a crazy idea…or is it serious? AND: is it yours??

Life is too short to waste time chasing dreams of others… so check out if it really is what YOU yourself want to do – is it your game – or theirs that you are playing?

If you really KNOW that this idea/ this goal is indeed fitting with your dreams and purposes, then lets check the next article:


What you are just planning to do… your goal… is it good for you? Is it good for others, if you do it? Will you become
stronger, greater, healthier, wealthier, … a better person?

After this is resolved, lets check another important thing. Look around and check more than once if you are surrounded by people with either similar goals or those willing to support you in your efforts to live your dreams. Do not misunderstand me: You should not look for people working for you… working for your goals while you just watch them.

But nor you should surround yourself by people that do not “suit” you. This means negative inspiration… negative thoughts…negative effects. The upshot is unhappiness. On both sides. Maybe even friendships that seem to be more of a challenge better might be terminated.

So what I want to say is that you should create yourself an inspiring environment. Embrace it. Live it. In life you will not always find yourself in the calmness of the sea. There are waves of distractions and negative influences breaking over you and more than once you have to fight against the current.


You will fail. You will get knocked down. You will experience all different kinds of disappointments. In this moments it’s important for you to get back up. Keep on fighting. Heading to the next challenge.

Inventors of big useful things tried almost a thousand times to reach their final goal. Our role models worked and/or trained hard… maybe even more than a thousand times to desire their wanted result. They would have moved on to 1001… if they had to.

It’s all about learning experience. To get the most out of it you have to take responsibility whenever and wherever possible. If you don’t you will become a victim of your own choices.

Claim what happens, learn, figure out the best possible and improve to get yourself closer to your goal. Never back down.


Get confident. Believe in yourself and shout it out if you feel like doing so. Get yourself known. If you talk about your goals and the ways you want to reach them with it is way easier to hold on. People, such as friends and family members, will remind you and help if you lose your right paths.


If there is something you really don’t want to forget in everyday life you write it down, right?
It’s just that simple. Write down the goals you really want to achieve. You will never forget them and keep on working. Each day that brings you closer to your goals is an additional motivation to stay focused. The longer you stay focused and the longer you stay motivated the harder it is to break.

A great way to make a habit of achieving goals and making the right decisions…

And it’s just that. A decision of taking action.


By putting something into motion you take the first step towards achieving your goals. A first step into the right direction. Forward!
Whatever goal you might set. Keep moving!

Sadly it took me a long time to realize this. But lucky me most of the time I am surrounded by people I love. My friends support me. Thanks of them – I mostly make it to the finish line of whatever goals we – together! – have set.


Take risks in life. This is what makes the results. Being reasonable and realistic wastes life time. Do not spend time chasing down someone else’s dreams. Be unique and individual.

And – whatever you do… whatever goal you might set for yourself… remind yourself to “play the pauses”. Sometimes you have to take a break. Appreciate what it took to get you where you are today.

Have fun!

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