Stressful allday life, scarce private life … to bring everything under one roof in today’s „shortly-before-Burnout-age“ is not easy. And now you should do sports in the evening … or even early in the morning just before work ??
Time pressure is just smuggling itself from work to home.

Many people don’t even start … others „exceptionally“ quit and leave the sports bag in the closet with increased regularity… too much stress!

However, sports is to break down exactly THIS! Free the mind! Help to cool down!

Either with relaxation exercises, relaxation and balance or with full action and power. Any form of physical „exercise“ helps and is healthy!


Still not convinced?

Here are 7 reasons why you should exercise:

1 Sport makes you happy!
Due to the movement alone, but even more by reaching personal goals – they may even be so small – body’s own opiates provide good mood and wellfare.

2 sports stimulates detoxification processes in the body.
This keeps you healthy and enhances wellness.

3 Sport increases the activity of our metabolism.
This not only leads to a stimulated fat burning, but also to a better exchange of oxygen in the cells.

4 Sports offers the ideal balance to physical malposition
at work, relieves tension and helps to prevent long-term injuries caused by unilateral load.

5 Athletes‘ stress hormone level decreases faster
than in people who do not exercise. Anybody who does sports will remain calmer in stressful situations and can „shut down“ more quickly. Sports keeps you „cool“.

6 Sport boosts your creativity and brings new ideas.
By reducing stress and tension, as well as by the increased strain circulation in the body, the brain has a short „break“. After physical activity, the belfry works well again with full blast without stress and force … the ideas bubble up and motivation drives to unexpected capabilities and projects.

7 Sport brings together.
Many sports can … or even MUST be exercised in teams. In other sports and activities you inevitably come across like-minded people with whom you quickly exercise together. The result is „sporty“ friendships that help to defeat one’s weaker self.

And by the way sports makes you FIT!

You no longer wheeze like an old steam train, if you take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. You get more persistent – in body and mind.
The choice of his own sports can be as individual as the man himself.

Either walking, running, swimming, cycling, aerobics, team sports or dancing … it does not matter what you do … The main thing it’s fun … and you keep trying!

But there’s one thing to note: Do not overtax!

Treppenlauf am Sonntag...Treppenlauf am Sonntag…

When the body once does not quite agree with the selected training methods, you should avoid injuries and very carefully listen to your own warning signs.

However…do not mistake these warning signs with the shouts and clamor of the weaker self… which can be very loud just starting a physical activity!

The rule is: HANG ON! HANG ON! HANG ON!



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